Wait, Loss! (with Harry Potter)

Hello! I'm so glad you've stumbled upon me! This is just a little blog I'm doing while dieting to sort of chronicle my way along. Please feel free to read and comment! But be warned, this site is full of my thoughts, unchanged, un-censored. That doesn't mean I constantly use profanity, I'm just a very opinionated person and would hate for you to get offended! I hope you like this blog! And remember, you are beautiful.

Warning: I do love Harry Potter, Sherlock, Supernatural, and funny stuff in general- so posts won't be exclusively fitness! But a majority will be, so no worries :)


HEIGHT: 5'8.25

SW: 153

HW: 154.6

CW: 126.2 (as of last WEDNESDAY)

GW: 140 *DONE*

GW: 130 *DONE*

UGW: 125 (fit, toned, and incredibly strong)

Days since binge: 32

START DATE: 4/13/11


Instagram: fitfoorme 💞 no We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/85452400


as you all well know i’ve been trying to make a succesful giveaway for a while, i realllly want to show you guys how much i care and love ya for being here :))))

anyway, i’ve recently accumulated quite a few of the benjamins so i’m doing a massive superwholock giveaway! (unfortunately this rescinds my previous giveaway which got like no entrants but it’s okay bc this one is a lot cooler and is basically the same but bigger)

***all items above are on etsy and will be ordered once the winner/s has/have been picked***

da rules

  • mbf me (important!!!!! a lot of you who have reblogged haven’t sad face)
  • check out my tumblr awards?
  • post must get at least 5000 notes (it’s a looooot of stuff guys ily)
  • likes don’t count but reblog as much as you’d like
  • respond to my ask declaring you the winner within 24 hours

what the winner gets

  • nine total items (mix and match fandoms however)
  • if you want something different you can just talk to me and we’ll find something (as long as it’s the same price)
  • if this post hits 10 000 i’ll put a second place winner and 20 000 i’ll put a third place

so that’s about it i think message me any questions and have a lovely day :))))

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"Stark, you know that’s a one way trip."

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